Services (provided to friends and friends of friends)

Prices valid until 8/1/20

PC Help, and/or Network Overview

$125 for 1 hour; $75 per additional hour

Secure Network and Wireless Equipment

  • Firewall and network security check-up. Configure WiFi and guest networks.

Secure, Speed-Up, and Repair PC’s

  • Update anti-virus, run Windows Updates
  • Answer any questions or concerns about anything IT.

Best Practice Suggestions

  • Recommend any hardware or software improvements. Ex: Backing up your files, WiFi coverage issues, Web content filtering.

High Quality Home Network install



  • Ubiquiti Router
  • 8 Port POE Switch
  • Ubiquiti Access Point
  • All wiring and installation


  • Additional Access Points - $150 each, installed
  • 24 Port POE Switch - $400
  • Quotes available to hardwire TV’s, PC’s, and other network devices

Add 3 security cameras and a DVR

$900 Must have the (High Quality Home Network above)


  • 3 Ubiquiti night vision cameras
  • DVR with one TB of storage
  • Cloud Access, no monthly fees


  • * Additional Cameras - $175 each, installed
  • * 4k Cameras - $500 each, installed

Equipment and Contact Info


  • All equipment listed here is enterprise quality gear meant to last and perform. I personally wouldn't put my name and reputation behind anything of lesser quality. Sure, the all-in-one WiFi Router that can be purchased from any big box store is cheap and will work, but your WiFi coverage, security, and quality of your internet connection will suffer. That being said, this equipment is an excellent value compared to it's quality. There are no service agreements or monthly fees, ever.


  • You know who I am, and you have my number
  • Give me a call

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2/1/18 What's the deal with these millennials today? Driving around slow in their "trucks" with the tail light blackouts, bed cover, and some meaningless stickers proclaiming some millennial crap about saltwater fishing and hunting?!? I know that truck ain't never seen no dirt road, let alone drive on no beach! And why do you have a trailer hitch? I can tell it ain't never been used, its still has the factory paint on it! Why not drive a firetruck and tell people you are a fireman? I can see your Yeti cup you're drinking your "redneck" designer coffee in. Oh, and I really like your camo jacket. I didn't know camo came in that pattern and color. Please, go home, and rethink your strategy, because I'm not convinced. And.. Stop driving slow or I'm gonna run over you with my real truck!

First Rant What's the deal with people not knowing what the phrase "next week" means? If I say, "I'll see you next Wednesday", why do you immediately say "this Wednesday, or next Wednesday?" If I meant this Wednesday, I would of said "this Wednesday". Why is this so hard to understand?

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